Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Start-up Guide for the Black Entrepreneur - Book Review

Work smart.  Specialize.  Stick with your plan.

Information to help you succeed.

This book is a treasure. 

The author shares that many people that he talks with tells him that they should have read this book five years ago.

Entrepreneurialism involves risk and effort.

The home-business boom is quietly coming.

When it comes to selling your services and products, the only color that should matter is green.

He shares he's been there, he knows the issues and struggles.  He's been asked from time to time with his credentials, why don't he work for a large company where there is stability and longevity and where he knows where his next paycheck is just a week away?  He shares there is no such thing as corporate longevity and security anymore.

No two businesses are ever exactly the same.  Your success will be the work of your smart work.

Get informed, get organized, and as Martin Lawrence would say, "Gits to steppin!"  Arsenio Hall used to say "Let's get busy!"

Bill Boudreaux is the author.  He has a B.S. in Accounting and a Masters of Business Administration and is a CPA.

He has worked with small minority businesses for more than twenty years.  At 25, he became the treasurer of an international marine transportation firm.  He has an ongoing relationship with an information technology firm that develops software solutions to track marine vessels in the inland waterway system.