Saturday, October 27, 2012

Erasing the Boundary Lines .. 10/28/2012 Sunday School Lesson

Sunday School Lesson for 10/28/2012. Acts 8:26-39. Who Understands Faith? Erasing the Boundary Lines.... Erasing the Boundary of Race and Religion – Acts 8:26-29... Erasing the Boundary of Rejection – Acts 8:30-35... Erasing the Boundary of Relationship – Acts 8:36-39.... Ethiopia – country South of Egypt of the Nile.... Ethiopia Eunuch – treasurer of Candance. He had financial and political standing but had a spiritual void in his life. He was reading the book of Isaiah out loud when Philip the Evangelist/Deacon, was sent by the Holy Spirit from Samaria to help him. Philip led the African to faith in Christ from Isaiah 53..... Candance – Queen of Ethiopia.... Ethiopia – In the New Testament of the Bible, it was ruled by a queen with the title or name Candance ..... Gaza - One of the 5 influential Philistine cities, and southwest toward Egypt..... Acts 8:26-39.... Verse 26 – Angels, Offices of Good Angels, Ministering Spirits.... Verse 27 – Civil & Social Life, The Court, Overseers – of Candance. The Outward Man, The Afflictions of The Body, Mutilation (to cut off or permanently destroy).... Verse 28 – Scripture, Promulgation of Scripture, Scripture Studied. (Promulgation – to make known, public).... Verses 29, 36, 37 – Other Nations, The Conversion of the Gentiles, The Ethiopian Eunuch Baptized.... Verse 30 – Scripture, Promulgation of Scripture, Instruction in Scripture.... Verses 32, 33, 34, 35 – Jesus Christ, Prophecies Concerning Christ, Silence at the Trial.... Verse 38 – Sacred Rites & Forms; Sacraments, Worship, & Church-Fellowship; Instances of Baptism.... Verse 39 – Miracles, Miraculous Translation, Between Earthly Places.... Scripture Reference used/taken from: Holy Bible Topical Reference Edition KJV. Crusade Bible Publishers, Inc., 1970. Mt. Juliet, Tennessee; 37122