Thursday, April 4, 2013

3-27-2013 ... True Worship

Jan/Feb/March 2013 Devotional & Educational Quarterly Emphasis is on True Worship.

I am sharing my notes on the last two lessons outlined for the quarter of Jan/Feb/March 2013.

4th Week in March:

Devotional Scriptures …. Psalm/Tehillim 119:1-8; Proberbs 4:1-5; 8:30-35

Topic Scripture … Psalm/Tehillim 100:1-5

Devotional Message Scriptures … Proverbs 4:1-5; Proverbs 8:30-35

Topic For Discussion Scriptures … Psalm/Tehillim 100:3,5,2b,1,2a,4a,4b

Psalm/Tehillim 119 … Diadectic Psalm. Showing the excellence of God‘s law… Professing the psalmist’s integrity.
Didactic character refers to matters of religion and morality.

Proverbs 4:1-5; 8:30-35 … The Hebrew title of the book is ‘Mishle, singular title is ‘mashal,’ usually translated “proverb.”

Chapters 1-10 … “The proverbs of Solomon the son of David,” indicating the aim and object of the book… The remaining portion a connected poem in praise of wisdom.

Psalm/Tehillim 100 … Of God’s power, majesty, and glory… Relative to public worship… Of God’s goodness and mercy.

5th Week in March

Devotional Scripture … Psalm/Tehillim 23; Isaiah 43:1-3a

Topic Scripture … Matthew 7:7,18; 19-20; 28:20

Devotional Message Scriptures … Matthew 7:11; Matthew 5:45b; Deuteronomy 28; Matthew 7:7; Matthew 18:19-20

Topic For Discussion Scriptures … Matthew 7:7; Matthew 18:19-20; Matthew 28:20; Matthew 7; Luke 18:1-8; Matthew 7:9-11; John 10:27; John 10:4; Matthew 28:20; Isaiah 43:2-3b; Psalm/Tehillim 23

Psalm/Tehillim … Expressing trust in God

Isaiah 43:1-3b … Chapters 40-48, the prophet Isaiah emphasizes the certainty of the approaching release from exile (Israel), assures them that nothing can hinder their deliverance, and points out the power of Jehovah to fulfil His promises, and the impotence of the gods of the heathen.

Matthew 5,6,7 … the works of the Kingdom and its true nature…. Matthew wrote for Jewish Christians… discourses of Jesus Christ

Matthew 28:20 …. The Lord’s Love and Care for His Children

Deuteronomy 28… Chapters 27 & 28 directions as to the writing down of the law after the crossing of the Jordan, and delivery of blessings and cursings from Mount Gerizim and Mount Ebal.

Luke 18:1-8… Luke 9:51-19:48, journeyings towards Jerusalem

Luke was inspired by the apostle Paul with his mind and spirit.

John 10:4,27 … Christ the good Shepherd … The Lord’s Love and Care for His Children

Scripture reference used/taken from: KJV Precious Promise Bible