Saturday, April 6, 2013

4-3-2013 ... Truth, Integrity & Honesty

April/May/June 2013 Devotional & Educational Quarterly Emphasis is covering “Building Character: Truth, Honesty, & Integrity.”

This devotion is designed to be studied once a week for adults, and once per month for children, juniors, and teenagers.

Devotional Scripture …. Proverbs 12:17

Topic Scripture … John 14:6, 14:9, 17:17, 18:37-38; Isaiah 9:2; Psalm/Tehillim 119:142

The lips of truth shall be established forever; but a lying tongue is but for a moment (Proverbs 12:19) … Key Verse

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Civil & Social Life; Manners & Customs; Discourse, Lying, & Its Exposure … The Upright are Blessed & Prospered ….. (now I realize that prosperity means different things to different people)

Do you remember the television game show that was once aired “To Tell The Truth?” We still have impostors like that today in different sectors in the secular as well as the christian world. But when God gets tired He will allow them to be exposed and sit them down.

Proverbs 12:17 … Man Redeemed; Duties & Graces of the New Life; Government of the Tongue

John 14:6 … Jesus Christ; Offices of Christ; Our Mediator

John 14:9 … Jesus Christ; Christ‘s Divinity; Is Made Equal With God

John 17:17 … Scripture; Characteristics Of Scripture; Perfection & Truth of Scripture

John 18:37 … Jesus Christ; Christ’s Trial; Christ Replies

John 18:38 … Jesus Christ; Christ’s Trial; Pilate’s Unwillingness to Condemn

Isaiah 9:2 … Jesus Christ; Prophecies Concerning Christ; Journey to Galilee

Psalm/Tehillim 119:142 … Scripture; Characteristics of Scripture; Perfection & Truth of Scripture

Topic Scriptures … I Peter 1:23; I Peter 2:1-2

I Peter 1:23 … Man Redeemed; Effectual Calling; The Understanding Enlightened, The Truth Received …. Scripture; Advantages of Scripture; Sanctifying & Saving

I Peter 2:1 … Man Redeemed; Blessedness of The New Life; Love of Truth & Righteousness

I Peter 2:2 … Scripture; Advantages of Scripture; Satisfying Desire

Scripture reference used/taken from: KJV Topical Reference Bible & KJV Precious Promise Bible