Thursday, April 4, 2013

April/May/June 2013 Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events for April/May/June 2013.

There may be more events, but these are the ones that I chose to share.


April 1 – April Fool’s Day
Autism Awareness Month

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May 12 – Mother’s Day
May 18 – Armed Forces Day
May 27 – Memorial Day
Graduation Month
This month is also set aside to mentor-coach those with disabilities… such as personal development could lead to employment via of job training as well aid to self-esteem, social skills and being productive in the home, communities and places of worship. (I do realize that there could be some exceptions to this situation) ……… I personally know of one person who has a full time home business and another person who work a part-time job.


June 14 – Flag Day
June 16 – Father’s Day
June 21 – First Day of Summer
Professional Counseling/Therapy and early warning signs detection for children with disabilities