Monday, June 3, 2013

To A Child LOVE Is Spelled Time ... Book Review ... 4/18/2004

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Annual Children's Day is June 9, 2013, and I thought this would be something great to share for this occasion.

Book Review. Love is one investment that will never fail you. Children are priceless.

This book is a precious jewel. It will remind you that children are most important.

The best gift you can give a child is to tell them that you love them and to express that love. Love is one investment that will never fail you.

Love is a mighty power. Never let the lines of communication be cut between you and your child(ren).

Something that really touched my heart: There was a business man and his son named Jimmy, both of them had kept journals. In the Daddy's journal he recorded: wasted the whole day fishing with Jimmy. Didn't catch a thing. The business man read his son journal: Went fishing with my dad. Best day of my life.

I will share some things that you will be reminded of:

Your little girl will always be your little girl and your boy will always be your precious boy.

Children are priceless.

The world may be different because I was important to the life of a child.

Listening is most important, learn to listen with your heart.

To one person you might just be the world.

Your son needs to know that you are his biggest fan in life and your daughter needs to know that you see her as a winner because of who she is, not because she achieved something.

The most important things in life aren't things.

Laugh and play with your child(ren). Enjoy your child(ren).

Children depend on you.

Yes, Parents might make mistakes and we know it, and our child(ren) might know it. Something to think about: admitting our mistake and asking for forgiveness teaches our child(ren) honesty and keeps the doors of communication open.

Mac Anderson and Lance Wubbels are the authors of the book that I am sharing my thoughts on.

Mac Anderson is the founder of Successories, Inc., the leader in designing and marketing products for motivation and recognition.

Lance Wubbels is presently the vice president of literary development at Koechel Peterson and Associates, Inc. in Minneapolis, Minnesota.