Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Children & Disaster . Prepare . Emotions: Review Excerpt

Sharing from a book I reviewed in 2007.

If you are your child/children need professional counseling - do not be ashamed to seek them.

What You Can Do:

Talk with your child/children before an emergency occurs. Reassure them with the following:

1. Disasters do not last very long. Soon things will be back to normal.

2. You can get a new routine if you can not go home for a while. You will settle down into a new place, & you will can/can meet new friends.

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(Angela's tips: Watch the people you & your child/children take up with as friends)

3. Look to your parents or trusted adults for help when you feel scared or confused. They will help you understand what is happening. Do not be afraid to ask questions such as 'How long will be in a shelter?' & "When will we go back to school or home?'

4. Sometimes it will or can help to write about your experiences or to draw pictures about what has happened. You can describe what happened & how you feel.

5. It's okay to cry during a disaster, but remember, it will get better.

6. You may be able to help out. Children of all ages can/might be able to help in the shelter by baby-sitting other children or cleaning up or serving food. You can even help with sandbagging.

Angela;s Tips: Keep a close eye on your child/children during stressful times as well. Do your best to focus - keep a level head,

I was sent a complimentary copy of 'What's in the Bible for Women' for review from Bethany Publishing.

Georgia Curtis Lang & Dr. Larry Richards are the author & general editor of this book.

Georgia is a bestselling author. She graduated from Kentucky Christian University with a major in Bible in 1979. She & her husband, Phil, have one son & live in a log cabin in Kentucky.

Dr. Richards was converted while in the Navy in the late 1950's. He has taught & written Sunday School Curriculum for every age group. He has published more than two hundred books, & his books has been translated into some twenty-six languages. His wife, Sue,, is an author.