Wednesday, June 7, 2017

God's Father Of The Year


A few years back, I read a column along the information superhighway entitled: “But What About Me?” It was a sad article, written in frustration, by a Black brother who pointed out--in painful detail--how Black women (and additional women in general) were always ‘crying’ for ‘a good man’, but time, and time again were eagerly chasing after the ‘dregs’ and ‘thugs’ of society, bypassing the good brothers that were right in front of them.

What REALLY bugged the writer of that particular column; SOME of the brothers were married to SOME of these female coalflakes and were taking care of children who were not even related to them by blood. In short, they were raising the children of another man (or men) because their wives had a straight-up street history, and were proud of their rebellion.

Kind of sounds like today, doesn’t it? But, I digress…and look upward!

In searching the Scriptures, one comes across a host of fathers…some good, some not so good, and a few outstanding. In the Gospel of Luke, Chapter 15, we see the Prodigal Son. We also see God’s ‘Father of the Year’…that being the father of this young man. I believe the story itself produces the fruit of which one could give this quiet, spiritual father a big trophy. Here are my three reasons why:

First reason…like a lot of husbands and fathers today, he is doing the right thing WITHOUT the support of his wife. Brothers, let’s be bold…the wife of this man is NOWHERE to be seen in this parable. There was a reason why fathers were created by God to be the head of the home. We have been given more logic than emotion; bigger shoulders to support our families in rough, uncertain times, and the ability to ‘wait some things out’ that would have killed off the mothers of our children. Folk today want to talk about how great mothers are? Try being a husband and a father. THAT is where God is in full display, no matter what society might say.

Second reason…like a lot of husbands and fathers today, he is dealing with offspring that are ‘smelling the odor’ under their armpits. They ‘think’ they are grown. Most of their ‘experiences’ are based on what they have seen, heard or ‘re-heard’ from their friends, and NOT from older members of society. Fathers have been where sons have YET to GO! One son can hardly wait to leave home; the other one is ‘staying with an attitude’. Brothers, having TWO kids like this is enough to ‘pre-gray’ any father’s hair! It may be a new day, baby, but the same old rules…still apply!

Third and final reason…like a lot of husbands and fathers today, he is looking to God to sort out this mess. Father is by the window, day after day, in hopes of having that wayward child come home. Awaiting a knock at the door, in the hopes of that stubborn child will come to themselves and come for a visit, or just to talk. Jesus Christ paints a portrait of this man as having a lot of ‘staying’ power. What is unsaid in the parable, is that this father had to have a LOT of alone time with God to keep himself in check, and on course…thus, he had a lot of PRAYING power. My brothers, in our feminized western culture, MEN pray MORE than women and children and get LESS respect or recognition for it. There is STILL a call for praying men, as well as godly husbands and fathers.

When the prodigal came to himself and came home, father was there. When the other son refused to even consider making peace with his brother, it was his father who negotiated on the wayward son’s behalf. Even the servants were ‘looking out’ for this father, because the routine of the household continued, the calf was fattened, and the new clothes were kept at the ready. Yes, fathers today don’t catch a break from society, the media, their Pastors, their wives or even their kids at times. However, God has NOT forgotten them. As long as God is in your corner, fathers…EVERYDAY is Father’s Day.

Don’t ‘whine’. Just keep on praying and shine, shine, SHINE!

A tip of the hat for you--my godly brothers, on this Father’s Day, 2017!

Mike Ramey, a Minister, syndicated columnist and book reviewer lives in Indianapolis, Indiana. To correspond, drop him an email at © 2017 Barnstorm Communications.

Lift up Christ and lay the sinner low. --C. H. Spurgeon