Saturday, July 15, 2017

The 23RD App

(Poem by Mike Ramey)

I have downloaded my shepherd,
With other commercial Apps…I think I want;
I don’t have time to read my KJV Bible,
I simply MUST surf whenever I want.

I’ve got so much to post,
Tweet, Snap, Stamp…Pin, too!
I don’t have any time left for prayer;
Lord, you can understand…IF I text you?

The flesh won’t bother me, as I shop on line
for the latest skinny jeans, groceries or frock;
Ooh, look at how tight he/she wears it,
Modesty? That’s such a crock!

Yeah, Mom and Dad aren’t hip, even though
They modeled you a lot--God--walking before you humbly;
The Pastor--he’s so out-of-touch,
He STILL hand writes his sermons…and points,
ACTUALLY POINTS to that unflattering cross up there.

Me? I’ve got to screen and laugh at the latest comic,
Who is making fun of traditions…old and new.
(It is tweetrumored that ‘he’ is really a ‘she’,
And likes to sleep with a beast…or two--so cool!)

The Devil…he’s only a figment of the imagination;
He doesn’t exist…he’s little more than ‘emojii stew’.
‘Spiritual Warfare’, what is THAT?
‘Spiritual Gifts’? Is that an app…that’s new?

The Preacher Sighs: Poor Little Fool…wrapped up in his technology.
They didn’t become a Christian…didn’t want to be ‘odd’;
In all their worldly wisdom, he/she couldn’t tell;
There’s no app that will state when one will die,
And move right for a Sinner’s Hell…well below the real sod!

Lift up Christ and lay the sinner low. --C. H. Spurgeon