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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Thank You To My Supporters/Networkers ... Ezra - Nehemiah - I & II Chronicles

I will be working on catching up on publishing my Sunday School Lessons 2013 where I left off from Ezra and Nehemiah. I do ask for your prayers and others as well.

I am sharing a list of Scriptures that I enjoyed learning more about from Ezra, Nehemiah, I & II Chronicles that I have bookmarked in my Bible Dictionary for personal/decisions-planning study at home. At the end of my small essay I will share them with those that would love to read and or study them on their own.

The last time I studied Ezra and Nehemiah it was ten (10) years ago in Sunday School, which was in 2003 during the months of May, June, and July.

Ezra & Nehemiah study seems to bring me to a halt for season - something that I have no control over for a season.

When the Lord assigns you a task - no one can prevent it from being completed. That does not mean that you will not encounter struggles - learn to 'Wait on the Lord,' for you could be in a holding pattern or place of new visions and or renewal.

Don't worry about the haters and or those who try to bring you harm for in the process they bring more harm on themselves (Esther 5:9-13; 7:1-10; Matthew 27:1-10).

Ezra 1:1-4; 3:1-6; 4:1-3; 4:4-24; 5:3-5; 7:27-28; 8:21-23; 9:6-15; 5:6-6:12; 2:1-67; 7:11-26; & 10:12-17.

Nehemiah 2:1-8; 6:15-16; 6:17-19; 2:11-16; 4:16-23; 11:1-2 & 13:15-22.

I Chronicles 1:1-9:44 (Righteous-Godly line of Adam)1-6; 11:1-12:40; 13:1-17:27; 21:18-22:1.

II Chronicles 1:1-17; 2:1-7:22; 8:1-18; 17:1-21:1; 28:1-27; 29:1-32:33; & 33:1-20.