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Thursday, December 8, 2016

12/8/16 - 12/9/16 - The Escape to Egypt & Journey from Nazreth to Bethlehem

Sunday School Lesson Daily Reading - Thursday & Friday - Matthew 2:13-15 & Luke 1:1-4

Verse 13 ... And when they departed, behold, the angel of the Lord appeared to Jo'seph in a dream, saying, Arise, & take the young child & his mother & flee into E'gypt, & be thou there until I bring thee word: for Her'od will seek the young child to destroy him.

Verse 14 ... When he arose, he took the young child & his mother by night, & departed into E'gypt:

Verse 15 ... And was there until the death of Her'od: that it might be fulfilled which was spoken of the Lord by the prophet, saying, ... Out of E'gypt have I called my son.

Hosea 11:1 ... (God's goodness To Is'ra-el, & their ingratitude) WHEN Is'ra-el was a child, then I loved him, & called my son out of E'gypt.

Luke 2:1-4 ... (The taxation)

Verse 1 ... AND it came to pass in those days, that there went out a decree from Ce'sar Au-gus'tus, that all the world should be (enrolled) taxed.

Verse 2 ... (And this taxing was first made when Cy-re'ni-us was governor of Syr'i-a.)

Acts 5:37 ... (Gamaliel's advice) After this man rose up Ju'das of Gal'i-lee in the days of the taxing, & drew aaway much people after him: he also perished; & all, even as many as obeyed him, were dispersed.

Luke 2:3 ... And all went to be taxed, every one into his own city.

Luke 2:4 ... And Jo'seph also went up from Gal'i-lee, out of the city of Naz'a-reth, into Ju-de'a, unto ... the city of Da'vid, which is called Beth'le-hem ...

John 7:42 ... Hath not the Scriptures said, That Christ cometh of the seed of Da'vid, & out of the town of Beth'le-hem, where Da'vid was.

Luke 2:4 ... (because he was of the house & lineage of Da'vid,)

Matthew 1:16 ... (The genealogy of Jesus Christ) And Ja'cob begat Jo'seph the husband of Ma'ry of whom was born Jesus, who is called Christ.

Scripture reference used from The KJV Bible, SouthWestern Co., Nashville, TN

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Dreams Come True ... 12/29/2013 Sunday School Lesson

Circumcising . JESUS/Yeshua . purification . turtle doves . young pigeons . Luke 2 . Lamb . burnt offering . sin offering . Tabernacle . atonement . Promises . Comfort (Comforter/Holy Ghost) . far/north/west/Sinim . sing/singing . mercy . Jerusalem . Simeon . Israel . Holy Ghost . spirit . Temple . east . child Jesus . Salvation . Gentiles . Joseph & HIS Mother, Mary . Anna/prophetess . tribe of Aser . fasting & prayers . thanks . Redemption . Leviticus 12 . Isaiah 40 . Isaiah 49 . Isaiah 42 . Sunday School Lesson

The Sunday School Lesson is shared from Luke 2:25-38 (Background Scripture: Luke 2:21-40; Devotional Message: Isaiah 49:8-13).

Circumcision, of Jesus/Yeshua (Luke 2:21), ye shall cut foreskin (Genesis/Bereshith 17:11)

JESUS (Joshua, Jeshua), Joshua (Jehovah is Salvation); Eternal Life only comes by/through Jesus.

purification, laws concerning (Leviticus 13-16), of women (Leviticus 12; Luke 2:22)

turtle doves, used for offerings. Could not be obtained during the winter, when the dove or young wild pigeon could be had.

pigeon,as an offering (Leviticus 1:14;12:6;Luke 2:24)

Lamb, for sacrifices

burnt offerings, law concerning (Leviticus 1:1;6:8); make an atonement for sin ... music with (Numbers 10:10)

sin offering, ordinances concerning (Leviticus 12:6-8); Temporary (Daniel 11:31;Hebrews 9-10)

Tabernacle, the dwelling or headquarters of Moses, & the public place where the public business of the nation was transacted ... An exact of the whole structure & all its appointments was shows to him by God in Mount sinai, & he was commanded to entrust the execution of the mechanical part of the work to Bezaleel, of the tribe of Judah, & Aholiab, of the tribe of Dan, who were the most skillful workmen in the nation.

atonement, made by Christ (Romans 3:24;II Corinthians 5:18; Hebrews 9:28); commemorated in the Lord's Supper (Matthew 26:26;I Corinthians 11:23)

Holy Ghost, Comforter, God

Sinim, a remote eastern land, perhpas China

sing/singing, psalmody, service of song, Jewish, & Christian & Spiritual Songs

mercy is the act of God. Pray boldly for mercy, ask for mercy for one another. God is merciful, so we should show mercy to one another. God has provided Salvation for all men (male/female).

Simeon (hearing), blesses Christ

Spirit, of God, the Holy Spirit, or Holy Ghost

Temple, symbolcial of the body of Christ; of God & Holy Ghost - Christians are; house of God: ... Building not large, but magnificent & costly; made of stone & cedar, & decorated lavishly with gold & precious stones. Consistecd of 4 parts. The Porch, facing the east.

Salvation, only comes from Jesus/Yeshua.

Gentiles (not Jews), origin of (Genesis/Bereshith 10:5); Christ made known to (Colossians 1:27); their conversion predicted (Iaiah 42:1;49:6;Luke 2:32)

Joseph, husband of the Virgin Mary

HIS Mother, Mary (Miriam), the Virgin, mother of Jesus/Yeshua

Anna, Grecized form of 'Hannah,' a prophetess

tribe of Aser - Asher (Happy One)

fasting & prayer, but by prayer & fasting (Matthew 17:21;Mark 9:29) ... fasting (voluntary abstinence from food) ... prayer (to ask, communciate with God; make request; to call to one's aid; Intercession, offered in the name of the JESUs; faith is essential to prayer.

thanks, gratitude; thankfulness; ... to acknowledge fully, to celebrate fully in praise with thanksgiving is used of Anna in Luke 2:38

Redemption, by Christ, through Christ's Blood

Promises: Isaiah 40:1,2 (Pardon for Iniquities & Sins) .. Isaiah 49:9b,10 (Food Provided for the Lord's Children) ... Isaiah 42:6 (Health & Healing & Pardon for Iniquities & Sins) ... Healing can be Supernatural (Divine), by rest, exercise, nutrition, professional medical aids & all Christians will have perfect bodies in Heaven.

Luke 2:21-39 (The circumcision & presentation of Jesus/Yeshua)

Luke 2:25-38

Verses 25-27

Verses 25,26 ... Jesus Christ; Prophecies Concerning Christ; Birth

Verse 27 ... Jesus Christ; Genealogy, Birth, & Early Life; Appearance in the Temple

(John 14:16 ... Reference Scripture in Sunday School book)

Verses 28-32 ... Jesus Christ; Genealogy, Birth, & Early Lfie; Appearance in the Tmeple

Luke 2:32 (Isaiah 49:6; Acts 13:47)

Christian Books of John the Baptist and Jesus Christ birth, early life and Ministry

Verses 33-38

Verse 33 ... Jesus Christ; Genealogy, Birth, & Early Life; Fame Among the People

Verse 34 ... Jesus Christ; Prophecies Concerning Christ; Figurative Prophecies, Stumbling-Stone

Verse 35 ... Jesus Christ; Prophecies Concerning Christ; Death

Verse 36 ... Mediums & Methods of Revelation; Prophetesses; By Vocation

Verse 37 ... The Family; Widows & Orphans; Widows to Be Honored, if Widows Indeed, A Notable Example

Verse 38 ... Jesus Christ; Christ's Ministry; Christ's Reception by Men; The Ministry of Women

(John 19:25; Matthew 27:38-43)Judges 4:4; Acts 21:9)

Christian Books & Bibles with the names of Jesus in Hebrew and Aramaic

Monday - December 23, 2013 - Parents Committed to the Law - Luke 2:21-24

HIS Circumcision. Christ is circumcised. Mary purified.

Tuesday - December 24, 2013 - Circumcising on the Eighth Day - Leviticus 12:1-5

Leviticus 12 (Worship of God - Positive safeguard to health) ... The purification of a woman after childbirth.

December 24, 2013 - Christmas Eve

Wednesday - December 25, 2013 - Offering a Sacrifice to the Lord - Leviticus 12:6-8

Her offerings for her purifying.

Christmas Day.

Thursday - December 26, 2013 - Consolation for Israel - Isaiah 40:1-5

God sends comforts to HIS people. Preaching of John the Baptist.

Friday - December 27, 2013 - The Lord's Comfort & Compassion - Isaiah 49:8-13

HE is sent to the Gentiles. God's love to the Church perpetual. (perpetual: continuing forever/Eternal)

Saturday - December 28, 2013 - A Light to the Nations - Isaiah 42:1-7

Office of Christ: God's promise to HIm

Sunday - December 29, 2013 - Jesus presentation in the Temple - Luke 2:25-38

Mary purified. Simeon & Anna prophecy of Christ.

Scripture reference used/taken from: The International Teacher's Handy Bible Encyclopeida/Concordance KJV Precious Promise Bible, KJV Special Arrangement N.T. Bible, KJV Topical Edition Bible, KJV New Devotional & Explanatory Family bible, Vine's Expository Dictionary of O.T. & N.t. Words, The Strongest Strong's Concordance Of The bible & Merriam Webster's Deluxe Dictionary 10th Collegiate Edition

Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Bundle of Joy ... 12/22/2013 Sunday School Lesson

Samuel . I Samuel . Elkanah . Shiloh . Numbers 6 . Zebulun . Naphtali . Isaiah 9 . Micah 5 . Psalm/Tehillim 18 . Promises . Galatians 4 . Luke 2 . decree . Caesar Augustus . Cyrenius . lineage of David . swaddling clothes . manager . Mary . Joseph . Christ the Lord . heavenly host - praising God . Mary - kept all these things in her heart . Joseph . Moses . Speak . Aaron . children of Israel . Jordan . Galilee . Nations . Nazareth . Judaea . Bethlehem . Sunday School Lesson

The Sunday School Lesson is shared from Luke 2:1-17 (Devotional Reading: Galatians 4:1-7; Background Scripture: Luke 2:1-10) for December 22, 2013.

Samuel & I Samuel ... Samuel is the most important character in the opening portion. ... In the Talmud, Samuel is stated to have written the books that bear his name, also Ruth & Judges. ... I Samuel 1-12, the history of Samuel until he retires from his position as judge, Eli's history being narrated so far as connected with that of Samuel.

Talmud )'doctrine,; from the Hebrew word "to learn") is a large collection of writings, containing a full account of the civil & religious laws of the Jews).

Numbers 6 ... Numbers (history of the Israelites from the time of their leaving Sinai, in the 2nd year after the exodus). ... The preparations for the departure from Sinai (Numbers 1:1-10:10).

Elkanah (God created), father of Samuel.

Shiloh (place of rest), a city of Ephraim, surrounded by mountains, now desolate ruins, with remains of a synagogue.

Zebulun or Zabulon

Naphtali (struggle for)

Isaiah 9 ... Isaiah 7-12, prophecies belonging to the period of the Syro-Ephraimitish wars; the prophecy of Immanuel, & the downfall of the Assyrians.

Micah & Micah 5 ... shortened form of Micaiah (who is like Jehovah?) ... A prophet, a native of Moresheth, a little town in the maritime plain, a dependency of Gath. ... Micah 3-5, a vivid description of the sinfulness of the leaders of the people, the destruction of Jerusalem, the future restoration of the people, ^ the glorious reign of the Messianic King.

Psalm/Tehillim 18 ... 'Sepher Tehillim,' Hebrew title of this treasury of "prayer, praise, & adoration" the Book of Praises. ... Psalm of Gratitude: For mercies shown to the psalmist. Psalm of Adoration: Of God's goodness & mercy & Of God's power, majesty, & glory.

Promises: Victory Over Enemies & Trouble & Whosoever Will May Be Saved

Galatians 4 ... The Gospel Explained & Exemplified (Galatians 3:1-4:31) ... the gospel as superseding the law (Galatians 3:1-4:31). Legal ordinances have been superseded by faith in Jesus Christ. ... Galatia, Roman province of Asia Minor (Turkey).

decree ... an opinion or judgment, an opinion expressed with authority, a doctrine, ordinance.

Caesar, Roman emperor, Augustus

Cyrenius, Greek form of 'Quirinus,' governor of Syria

swaddling-clothes ... signifies to wrap in swaddling-clothes

manager ... a stall, the stall or crib

lineage of David - David (beloved), king, son of Jesse ... God promises to him ... the progenitor (an ancestor in the direct line - a biologically ancestral form) of Christ, & prophecies connected with.

Luke 2 .., The birth of Jesus Christ (Luke 2:1-7) ... Bethlehem (home of Ruth & Boaz - birthplace of David King of Israel Luke 2:1-10). ... The angels (Luke 2:8-20) ... Augustus taxeth the Roman empire. Christ's nativity.

Luke 2:1-17

Verses 1-5

Verses 1,2,3 ... Civil & Social Life; The Body Politic; Taking the Census

Verses 4,5 ... Jesus Christ (Yeshua); Genealogy, Birth, & Early Life; As Recorded by Luke

(Luke 3:1; John 6:35 ... Reference Scriptures in Sunday School Book)

Verses 6-12

Verses 6,7 ... Jesus Christ; Genealogy, Birth, & Early Life; As Recorded by Luke

Verse 8 ... Industrial Employments & Products; Care of Live Stock; Shepherds, The Shepherds of Bethlehem

Verse 9 ... Angels; Good Angels; Terror At

Verses 10,11 ... Jesus Christ; Offices Of Christ; Our Saviour

Verse 12 ... Jesus Christ; Genealogy, Birth, & Early Life; Christ Visited by the Wise Men & the Shepherds

Bibles in English and Spanish, Christian Books in English and Spanish of Birth of Jesus in Bethelehem, Luke 2 in English and Spanish, Matthew 2 in English and Spanish, The Wise Men and the Shepherds in English and Spanish

(Isaiah 25:9; 33:22; I Corinthians 8:6)

Verses 13-17

Verse 13 ... Duties To God; Praise; Praise Due from All, From All in Heaven

Verse 14 ... Duties To God; Praise; Doxologies (expression of praise to God)

Spanish Christian Praise Music, African American Christian Praise Music, Christian Praise Music, Gospel Praise Music

Verses 15,16 ... Jesus Christ; Genealogy, Birth, & Early Life; Christ Visited by the Wise Men & the Shepherds

Verse 17 ... Jesus Christ; Genealogy, Birth, & Early Life; Fame Among the People

(Luke 2:13; Matthew 28:16-20)

Monday - December 16, 2013 - A Child Dedicated to the Lord - I Samuel 1:21-28

Samuel (I Samuel 1) Samuel & the Nazarite Vow

Tuesday - December 17, 2013 - Blessing the Children of Israel - Numbers 6:22-27

Wednesday - December 18, 2013 - Hope for the Coming One - Isaiah 9:1-5

Thursday - December 19, 2013 - A Ruler from Bethlehem & Judah - Micah 5:1-5

Friday - December 20, 2013 - God's Blessing on David's Descendants - Psalm 18:46-50

Saturday - December 21, 2013 - The Fulness of Time - Galatians 4:1-7

Sunday - December 22, 2013 - The Birth of Jesus (Yeshua) in Bethlehem - Luke 2:1-17

Scripture reference used/taken from: The International Teacher's Handy Bible Encyclopedia/Concordance KJV Precious Promise Bible, KJV Topical Edition Bible, Vine's Expository Dictionary of O.T. & N.T. Words, Zondervan Bible Commentary & Merriam Webster's Deluxe Dictionary 10th Collegiate Edition