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Monday, October 7, 2013

Storytelling: Book Events & Shows ... 2004

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This is one of my 2004 writings, when I was the Business Coach Editor/Host/Writer. The original title in 2004 was Book Events and Shows.

(Now, I will share this on September 10, 2013 I did a presentation of short summaries from five books as a Storyteller in a small local sitting. I presented the books and had them on display for others to see them as well. Some that attended even wrote down the names of some of these books to purchase them. Travel issues could be discussed for future events. Now, will I travel out of the USA? Only with the consent of the Holy Spirit.)

Booking events starts with a positive attitude. Work on having a pleasing attitude. Believe in yourself, your products and your services.

Learn to dress like a professional. Clothing - attire that you wear to presentations do not have to be the most expensive, but they should be neat.

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Procedures for booking events:

Make a contact list. Call, write or email your contacts.

Booking events and shows when you walk into a room.

Learn to believe in yourself.

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Be zealous.

Booking starts with you and your attitude. Watch your image and attitude.

Let others know about the events and shows.

Others will want to associate with you, as well as learn from you. You could possibly know something about a particular 'field - area' that others want to learn about.