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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Marketing Options .. Create A Portfolio - Website - Blog (2-8-2007)

Sharing from a book I reviewed, while being the Business Coach Host/Editor/Writer for a site.

Many websites are created from templates that have already been developed meaning you do not need software.

Usually when you subscribe to an Internet Service Provider they include Website Space that you may use.

Do you know how to create your own blog - website - portfolio? You'll need to learn to create a website - blog or seek a local high school student. You can also look in your telephone book to find a web designer as well.

Creating a website is not difficult. Some websites have templates that you can choose and you are also on the road to your own site.

You could promote - market your site by submitting it to search engines.

The author shared that search engine optimization is beyond the scope of his book.

VPS Hosting starting at $19 from UltraHosting

I reviewed this book while being the Business Coach Host, Editor, Writer for another site.

Bill Boudreaux, is the author of 'The Complete Startup Guide for the Black Entrepreneur.