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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Thursday - Wholeness by Prayer & Action - James 5:13-20 - 2/23/17

James refers to someone who is incapacitated physically. Thus oil can represent both the medical & the spiritual spheres of life. Jesus Christ is Lord over both the body & the spirit.

The elders should be on call to respond to the illness of any members & the church should stay alert to pray for the needs of all its members.

"And the prayer of faith," does not refer to the faith of the sick person, but to the faith of the church. God heals, faith doesn't, & all prayers are subject to God's will. That is why God often waits for our prayers of faith before intervening to heal a person.

"Confess your faults" can be translated "Confess your sins." Christ has made it possible for us to go directly to God for forgiveness, but confessing our sins to one another still has an important place in the life of the church. In Christ's Kingdom, every believer is a priest to other believers. We must help others come to Christ & tell them of Christ's forgiveness.

The Christian's most powerful resource is communion with God through prayer. Since God's power is infinitely greater than our own, it only makes sense to rely on it - especially because he encourages us to do so.

For more about the great prophet Elijah (Elias), read his Profile in I Kings 18.

Clearly the person who has slipped away is a believer who has fallen into sin - one who is no longer living a life consistent with his belief. Christians disagree over whether or not it is possible for people to lose their salvation, but all agree that those who move away from their faith are in serious trouble & need to repent. James urges Christians to help backsliders return to God. By taking the initiative, praying for the person, & acting in love, we can meet the person where he is & bring him back to God.

The book of James emphasizes faith in action. Right living is the evidence of result of faith. The church must serve with compassion, speak lovingly & truthfully, live in obedient to God's commands, & love one another. The body of believers ought to be an example of heaven on earth, drawing people to Christ through love for God & one another. If we truly believe God's Word, we will live it day by day. God's Word is not merely something we read or think about, but something we do. Belief, faith & trust must have hands & feet - ours!

Reference summary used from the Life Application Bible KJV, Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., Wheaton, Illinois

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Part I - Monday - Aaron & Sons, a Perpetual Priesthood - Exodus 40:12 - 12/12/16

Verse 12 ... And thou shalt bring Aa'ron & his sons unto the door of the tabernacle of the congregation, & wash them with water.

Leviticus 8:1-13 ... (Moses consecrated Aaron & his sons.) AND the LORD spake unto Mo'ses saying,

Take Aa'ron & his sons with him, & the garments, & the anointing oil, & a bullock for the sin offering, & two rams, & a basket of unleavened bread;

And gather thou all the congregation together unto the door of the tabernacle of the congregation.

And Mo'ses did as the LORD commanded him: & the assembly was gathered together unto the door of the tabernacle of the congregation.

And Mo'ses said unto the congregation, This is the thing which the LORD commanded to be done.

And Mo'ses brought Aa'ron & his sons, & washed them with water.

And he put upon him the coat, & girded him with the girdle, & clothed him with the robe, & put the ephod upon him, & he girded him with the curious girdle of the ephod, & bound it unto him there with.

And he put the breastplate upon him: also he put in the breastplate he U'rim & Thum'mim.

And he put the mitre upon his head; also upon the mitre, even upon his forefront, did he put the golden plate, the holy crown; as the LORD commanded Mo'ses.

And Mo'ses took the anointing oil, & anointed the tabernacle & all that was therein, & sanctified them.

And he sprinkled thereof of upon the altar seven times, & anointed the altar & all his vessels, both the laver & his foot, to sanctify them.

And he poured of the anointing oil upon Aa'ron's head, & anointed him, to sanctify him.

And Mo'ses brought Aa'ron's sons, & put coats upon them, & girded them with girdles, & (bound) put bonnets upon them; as the LORD commanded Mo'ses.

Scripture reference used from The KJV Bible, SouthWestern Co., Nashville, TN