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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

USP ... Unique Selling Proposition: 2/8/2007 ... excerpts from Book Review

Which services and or products will you provide to others?

Product mix is about having the right items for sale when someone comes calling.

Every brand must provide some unique benefit for others and it must drive that point home 24/7/365. This is USP - Unique Selling Proposition.

Your USP is a phrase explaining why others should do business with you.

Your USP has to be something that others will remember. It should be easy to understand by all readers and or listeners.

My Own Labels

If you say it, do it.

Advertising - Marketing is the key to success.

There has to be a meeting of the minds: "You inform' and "they want.'

Advertising - Marketing is a dynamic, on going communication effort designed to get the attention of others and persuade them to purchase products or services.

I reviewed this book while being the Business Coach Host/Editor/Writer for another site.

Bill Boudreaux, is the author of 'The Complete Startup Guide for the Black Entrepreneur.

Marketing Plans & Concepts .. 2/8/2007 ... excerpts from a Book Review

Marketing requires a lot of imagination and creativity.

The key to marketing effectiveness is to know your customer and to target your marketing to those potential customers.

Some people will buy your product and others will not. That's Economics 101.

The marketing concept includes:

Market research.

1. Identify your customers.

2. Determine what they want to buy.

180x150 Marketing Evaluation

Market Strategy - You can not be all things to all people.

Market mix - Provide others with the best value for their money by considering the 4 "P's" of marketing: Products'Services, Promotion, Place and Price.

I reviewed this book while being the Business Coach Host/Editor/Writer for another site.

Bill Boudreaux, is the author of 'The Complete Startup Guide for the Black Entrepreneru.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Laboring with Non-Profits .. 2005

I did not overlook providing services for a non-profit.

I used my digital skills and worked for a local pastor and wife at their Church. He trusted me enough that they allowed me to use his Pastor study as my office. This was also a way that they could keep their Church open everyday. So it worked for both of us.

And the funny part about this, they were a different denomination than I was, but they were Christians. I worked for them for around half a year.

As you see I had previous office skills for about eight years, from working in the warehouse. So I just added on to that learning via of online conferences and others that enlighten me.

There are probably many non-profits and organizations that would gladly welcome your help. It could be a good idea to find out who to contact and ask how you may be of service to them and or their organization.

125x125 Logo in blue with woman

You might do what I did in 2005: train a volunteer and help them via of resources you have knowledge of that could enhance them, their organization and or ministry.

Provide services for the non-profit to use digital (Internet) avenues. They could gain exposure to a global audience.

Your main goal should be to market - promote the non-profit.

By aiding non-profits you could gain great exposure and a good feeling of letting others know that you care about them as well.

At the time that I was working for this pastor he wanted to place me on the radio and have my photos placed in the newspaper from his office - Pastor study, but I did not want to do that at that time in 2005.

If you can't volunteer for free it could be possible that you might be compensated for the services you provide for them.