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Spread The News .. 11/25/2012

Sunday School Lesson for 11/25/2012. Unit III. Where Does Faith Take Us? Acts 28:23-31 ............................ First let's go back to October 28, 2012 Sunday School Lesson. Acts 8:26,29 where Philip (deacon/evangelist) was guided by the Holy Spirit to share the good news with a total stranger. I would strongly recommend allowing the Holy Spirit to guide you when going places and approaching strangers. .............. Spread the News Correctly - Acts 28:23-24 ....................... Verse 23 - Scripture, Promulgation of Scripture, Instruction in Scripture (Promulgation - to make known, proclaim, to make clear)................ Verse 24 - The Hebrews, Labors Among the Jews in Other Places, Rome ........ Paul's method of teaching was via of explanation. As with Paul "some believed and some believed not the teaching/message that he shared." ............... Spread the News Purposefully - Acts 28:25-27 ....................... Verses 25, 26, 27 - The Hebrews, The Jews Given Up, By The Apostles .......... There were some Jews who did believe the Gospel, but there were more that rejected the Gospel based on Isaiah's prophecy. ...................... Spread the News Faithfully - Acts 28:28-31 ....................... Verses 28, 29 - The Hebrews, The Jews Given Up, By The Apostles ........... Verses 30, 31 - Sacred Persons and Offices, Of General Ministry In General, Self-Support ....................... Paul shared with the Jews "the salvation of God" included a ministry to the "Gentiles, and that they would listen" to the Gospel. ..................... Paul was in Rome for two (2) whole years. ....................... Christians should use Scripture when sharing with others about the knowledge of Jesus Christ. Some will not be saved no matter what we do to share/explain the Gospel.

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Helping One Another .. 11/18/2012

Sunday School Lesson for 11/18/2012. Unit III. Where Does Faith Take Us? Acts 28:1-10. .............. Paul was on his mission taking the Gospel where it had never been............. Helping Survivors After the Storm - Acts 28:1-2 .............. Melita - an island, now called Malta, 60 miles south of Sicily........... barbarous - foreign speaking people..................... The people of Malta weren't originally Christians. They did show hospitality to Paul and others............. You never know where help will come from..................... Helping Others in Spite of Superstition - Acts 28:3-6 ................ viper - poisonous serpents ... (Do not play/pick up snakes)............ Luke 10:19 - Sacred Person & Offices, Apostles, The Twelve, Prerogatives, To Work Miracles ............... Helping Others in Sickness - Acts 28:7-10 ................. Publius - leading citizen/most prominent on the island of Malta in the Mediterranean. He provided lodging to Paul and his companions after they had been shipwrecked. .... Some people of faith, question their faith when they are not healed, when others are............................... James 5:14,15 - Sacred Persons and Offices, Presbyter - Bishop (Elders), Ministering to the Sick. Duties to God, Prayer, Conditions of Acceptable Prayer, In Faith ....... Acts 28:1-10 ............................ Verses 1, 2 - Other Nations, The Conversion of The Gentiles, Shipwreck of Malta .... Verses 3, 4, 5, 6 - Miracles, Miraculous Cures, Cures of Poison from Serpents ...... Verses 7, 10 - Civil & Social Life, Manners & Customs, Visiting & Returning Home, Hospitality, Instances .............................. Verse 8 - Miracles, Miraculous Cure, Cure of Fever

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Financial Planning - Income Opps - Biz - Wealth

I am not a financial planner nor am I certified in any certain areas. .......... When I wrote this article in Feb/March 2004 the title was "Let's Talk Money." LET'S TALK MONEY ................... Having Trouble Saving Money? Want to Start Your Own Business? Here Are a Few Tips to Get You Started. .................... In the past, I've wasted a lot of money. I wasted money that could have been used for serious Financial Planning/Recreation. So let's look at a few tips on saving money. Use the list below: .................... * Allocate time/money in ways that will build wealth. * Target market opportunities ..... * Become thrifty. Save on anything, whenever you can. ............ At times, you may have to raise money to get started. Why not create and publish a book on your Family Heritage, a promotional book for your church, or a cook book? Promote these books locally to raise money for yourself or an organization. Many local clubs and churches have used this method successfully over the years. ......... And what will you do with that money? Invest. Do you have an idea? We need to learn to control and develop ideas into successful businesses. It's ideas that make dollars. Learn to profit from your sense of style or other strong points. Realize the power of your ideas and believe in your ability. Freshen up your ideas with the help of a college art student or Art Studio. ......................... I was raised to be an independent thinker and not allow others to determine my destiny. Decide to go into business for yourself. One look at job downsizing, industry plant closings, and temporary job placements (without benefits) might just kick start you toward more opportunity and freedom. .................... I am not endorsing any service or product. ...................... Watch how you spend your hard earned money. ..................... When a farmer plants a crop in the field he is looking forward to his crop coming up so he can cultivate it -- reap the rewards. .............................. I am not a financial planner nor am I certified in any certain areas. ............ Do not quit your job if you do have a job. Keep your job, benefits, etc. Never stop learning. It would be a good idea I think to learn of ways to diversify your income -- maybe you could start after work hours learning more about legitimate income opportunities. ...................................

2 of 2 .. Weathering The Storm

11/9/2012 Sunday School Lesson “Weathering The Storm.” Acts 27:1-2, 33-44. ...... Devotional Reading from my sunday school book – “A Fierce Storm Dashes Hope.” Acts 27:13-20. .................... Acts 27:1-2 .. “The Preparation before the Storm” .................... Julius – centurion was in charge of the prisoners. ..................... Aristarchus – probably a business man and along with Luke, paid his own fare/fee. ..................... Paul was a prisoner but didn’t travel alone. ............... Acts 27:33-38 .. “The Promise in the Storm” ..................... 275 men were fearful, and it took one man of faith to turn them around. Question: How realistic is it for a few Christians to calm a large number of non-Christians in a time of crisis? ...................... Acts 27:39-44 “The Preservation in the Storm” ................ Everyone reached land safe. ..................... When we are faithful to God and His Word, miraculous things happen. .............. Acts 27:1-2 “The Preparation before the Storm” ................... Julius – centurion was in charge of the prisoners ................ Aristarchus – probably a business man along with Luke, paid his fare .......... Paul was a prisoner but didn’t travel alone ........................ Acts 27:33-38 “The Promise in the Storm” ......................... 275 men were fearful, and it took one man of faith to turn them around. Question: How realistic is it for a few Christians to calm a large number of non-Christians in a time of crisis? ..................................... Acts 27:39-44 “The Preservation in the Storm” ..................... Everyone reached land safe. ..................... When we are faithful to God and His Word, miraculous things happen

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Paul's Testimony Before Roman Authorities .. 11/4/2012

11-4-12 Sunday School Lesson. Taking a Stand. Where Does Faith Take Us? Acts 26:19-32.................... Paul came from a respected family in Asia Minor (known as Turkey today) where his father was an official........................ A Roman citizen was assumed innocent until he was tried and proven guilty. Paul was knowledgeable of his legal rights as Roman citizen.............. Taking a Stand for the Ministry – Acts 26:19-21 ................. Taking a Stand for the Message – Acts 26:22-28 ................... Taking a Stand for the Master – Acts 26:29-32 ....................... verses 19, 20 – The Hebrews, Labors Among the Jews in Other Places, St. Paul’s Testimony in the Summer of 60 A.D................ verse 21 – Trials and Persecutions, Kinds and Methods of Persecution, Conspiracy, The Conspiracy To Murder Paul in Jerusalem ........................ verse 22 – Jesus Christ, Prophecies Concerning Christ, Birth .............. verses 24, 25, 26,28,29 – Other Nations, The Conversion of The Gentiles, St. Paul in Cesarea 59-61A.D., Impressions Made by Paul’s Speech ................ verse 27 – Mediums and Methods of Revelation, The Prophet’s Reception By The People ..................... verses 30,31,32 – Other Nations, The Conversion of The Gentiles, St. Paul in Cesarea 59-61 A.D., He is Pronounced Innocent But Must Go To Rome .................. Scripture reference used/taken from: Holy Bible Topical Reference Edition KJV, Crusade Bible Publishers, Inc., 1970. Mt. Juliet, TN; USA; 37122

Paul's Encounter With Christ .. 11/3/2012

11-3-12 Devotional reading from my sunday school book for saturday, November 3, 2012: Paul’s Encounter with Christ. Acts 26:9-18 ............ Saul was known as the greatest persecutor of the Christian Church. Saul was the apostle Paul before his conversion to Christianity.............. Acts 26:9-11 .. Saul the Persecutor ............ Acts 26:12-15 .. Saul’s Conversion ................... Acts 26:16-18 .. Paul’s Commission ..................

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A Guide To Finding Your Boaz - Book Review

On October 23, 2011 our Sunday School Lesson was titled "A Kiss Is Still A Kiss." The focus of the lesson was on marriage. In the Sunday School Teacher's Guide it stated to plan a movie night with some friends and watc "Why Did I Get Married?" or "Why Did I Get Married Too?" by Tyler Perry. And then have a discussion. There are Scriptures in the Adult Sunday School Book on Biblical Guidelines for: Courtship, Wedding & Marriage. I plan to write more on this matter in 2013. Divorce is running rampant in society today and the rate of divorce is increasing in the Christian community. Antastasia E. Means shares that her painful divorce and numerous failed relationships prompted her to write this book. Divorce is painful even when both parties are amicable in the situation. She ended up in a verbally abusive marriage that left her emotionally damaged, broke, and a single mother of three children struggling just to make ends meet. She thought she would never recover from this ordeal because when she left her husband, she walked away with her children, the clothes on her back, a couple of things, and her faith in God. This book is geared toward helping singles; but the married person may find some nuggets as well. The Story of Ruth: What made Ruth so special? The book of Ruth, is a powerful story of favor, redemption, and how she met "Boaz" the man of her dream. Although Ruth lost her husband, she didn't get desperate for a man. She positioned herself to receive another man. Ruth remains with her grieving mother-in-law because of the lost of her two sons: Mahloin and Kilion. Naomi admonishes her daughter-in-laws (Ruth and Orpah) to return to their mother's home. Orpah kisses her mother-in-law good-bye and leaves. Ruth decides to stay with her mother-in-law instead of going to her home land of Bethlehem. She also decides to serve the God that Naomi serves. If Ruth would have left, she never would have received her blessing, "Boaz." When Boaz discovered Ruth, she was gleaning in the field. She was gleaning in Boaz's field. Once Boaz notices Ruth in his field, he is impressed, and he gives her favor. Naomi encourages Ruth t take a bath, put on some sweet-smelling perfume, adorn herself in her best outfit, and go lay on the threshing floor at Boaz's feet. As a godly woman, it's the beauty within that will spill over into your outward beauty. Boaz will more than likely find you in the everyday trenches of life, not in the nightclub. The Proverbial Woman: Who can find a virtous woman? For her price is far above rubies (Proverbs 31:10). Ruth understood her purpose. If you know that your purpose is to be a motivational speaker and the mate you choose isn't willing to support your vision then division has set in. If God has placed you to complete a specific task or assignment, you must remain faithful where God has planted you. Hope's Story: Woman at the Well Syndrome. Hope struggled with anger and believed she lacked the ability to forgive. As a result, she hadn't been to church in a while. She was finding men, but they were never interested in a long-term relationship. She was feisty and demanding, and she had a wall up due to the sexual abuse she had experienced at the age of seven years old. She like the woman at the well, had a thirst that only God could fulfill. At the age of sixteen she found out she was pregnant. When she told her boyfriend, Xavier he wanted to know "how did she know it was his?" He begged her to have an abortion. He threatened to commit suicide, and she gave in. By the time she started her firs year in college, she was frustrated, so she decided to join the Air Force. Before leaving, she had a wonderful celebration hosted by her sister before being shipped overseas. Xavier showed up. When she arrived overseas she met Derrick on her new job assignment. One morning she woke up feeling horrible - she knew she was pregnant. She shared the news with Derrick, but told him that the baby was likely Xavier back home. She moved back home. She gave birth to a healthy baby boy that summer. The blood test came back confirming that Xavier was the father. Hope started attending church and establishing a relationship with God, and she explained to Xavier it was time to settle down and get married. A few months after Hope graduated from college, she found Xavier cheating on her. By this time, she had already made up her mind that she was out of there. Desires and Non-negotiables: Will God honor my requests? Be careful for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God (Philippians 4:6) How are you going to recognize what you want, if you haven't written down your vision? Habakkuk 2:2 states, "And the Lord answered me, and said, "Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it." Habakkuk was making a complaint regarding injustice. We are dealing with imperfect people because we are flawed, but it's important to know what you want, what you don't want, write it down, and pray over it. If you are married, you may want to complete the activity and pray for your current spouse, and turn yours into a prayer journal. How to Attract Boaz. We must be born again. You can't bypass God and His institution and expect success. God is love. Romans 10:9 says "that if you confess with your mouth and believe in your heart, that God hath raised Him from the dead, thou shalt be saved." Through reading the Scriptures continually and praying for understanding you will be able to allow the Word of God to become real in your life. The godly man is attracted to a woman who has power. Please forgive all those men from your past who have hurt you. You must forget those things that are behind you and press toward the mark of a higher calling in Christ Jesus (Philippians 3:13). How can God truly forgive you and wipe your slate clean with un-forgiveness in your heart? Submit to God. Submitting to God requires that you seek what God requires of you, and then you obey. If you're having trouble submitting to God while you're single, it will be impossible to submit to your husband. The husband is the head over the wife, he gets his orders from God and conveys the message to his wife. Submitting to God includes: spending time in His Word, developing a relationship, and obeying God's Word. Pray for yourself and declare Scriptures over your husband. Develop a quiet time/devotional time when it's just you and God. Talk shows are great; but they don't provide enough sustenance to maintain your marriage. Do not cohabit with your mate before marriage. Once you start having sex, it becomes difficult to stop. You must understand agape love, the God kind of love. Marriage 101: Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favor of the Lord (Proverbws 18:22). Some of the benefits included in being married: working together to fight the enemy, teaming up to fulfill the call of God in your lives, having a sexually fulfilling relationship that's not based on selfishness, raising children in a two-parent home, and growing old with someone with whom you're able to make wonderful memories. Women must honor their Boaz as priest in the home and not dis-respect them. He should feel like the king of the castle when he arrives home. Keep what goes on in your household, in your household. After Salvation, marriage is one of the biggest decisions that we will make in life. Anastasia E. Means is a resident of Atlanta, Georgia. She has been an educator for over thirteen years, and she is currently and educator in the Dekalb County School System. Her goal is to finish her doctorate degree, write books and songs, and spread God's love around the world. She is currently working on her first CD, titled, Master Plan. She has three wonderful boys. She's a member of World Changers Church International, College Park, Georgia. Her life is based on Matthew 6:33.

Erasing the Boundary Lines .. 10/28/2012 Sunday School Lesson

Sunday School Lesson for 10/28/2012. Acts 8:26-39. Who Understands Faith? Erasing the Boundary Lines.... Erasing the Boundary of Race and Religion – Acts 8:26-29... Erasing the Boundary of Rejection – Acts 8:30-35... Erasing the Boundary of Relationship – Acts 8:36-39.... Ethiopia – country South of Egypt of the Nile.... Ethiopia Eunuch – treasurer of Candance. He had financial and political standing but had a spiritual void in his life. He was reading the book of Isaiah out loud when Philip the Evangelist/Deacon, was sent by the Holy Spirit from Samaria to help him. Philip led the African to faith in Christ from Isaiah 53..... Candance – Queen of Ethiopia.... Ethiopia – In the New Testament of the Bible, it was ruled by a queen with the title or name Candance ..... Gaza - One of the 5 influential Philistine cities, and southwest toward Egypt..... Acts 8:26-39.... Verse 26 – Angels, Offices of Good Angels, Ministering Spirits.... Verse 27 – Civil & Social Life, The Court, Overseers – of Candance. The Outward Man, The Afflictions of The Body, Mutilation (to cut off or permanently destroy).... Verse 28 – Scripture, Promulgation of Scripture, Scripture Studied. (Promulgation – to make known, public).... Verses 29, 36, 37 – Other Nations, The Conversion of the Gentiles, The Ethiopian Eunuch Baptized.... Verse 30 – Scripture, Promulgation of Scripture, Instruction in Scripture.... Verses 32, 33, 34, 35 – Jesus Christ, Prophecies Concerning Christ, Silence at the Trial.... Verse 38 – Sacred Rites & Forms; Sacraments, Worship, & Church-Fellowship; Instances of Baptism.... Verse 39 – Miracles, Miraculous Translation, Between Earthly Places.... Scripture Reference used/taken from: Holy Bible Topical Reference Edition KJV. Crusade Bible Publishers, Inc., 1970. Mt. Juliet, Tennessee; 37122

Power Brokers .. 10/21/2012 Sunday School Lesson

Power Brokers .. 10/21/2012 Sunday School Lesson. Acts 8:9-24. Who Understands Faith?...... Simon the Sorcerer – Acts 8:9-13.... Peter and John Go to Samaria – Acts 8:14-17.... I Would Like To Buy That – Acts 8:18-24..... Simon Magus, a sorcerer of Samaria, with great power & influence among the people. (Acts 8:9-13)..... Sorcery: (Occult, Demonic Forces – Witch Craft)..... Philip – Evangelist/Deacon (Acts 6:8) one of the 7 deacons (Acts 6:2) Perhaps he was instrumental in introducing Christianity into Africa..... Peter (rock) – His original was Simon (Symeon) Acts 15:14 .. a prominent apostle, outstanding leader in the early days of the Christian Church..... Some people believe that money can buy anything. The Holy Spirit can not be bought. Silver – Money can not buy Salvation..... Power – prestige, influence, advantage, greater power ..... Occult – belief/practice in areas/things forbidden by God..... Astrology/Horoscopes forbidden – Deuteronomy 18:10, Isaiah 47:12-13..... Fortune Telling forbidden – Deuteronomy 18:9-14; Isaiah 44:25; Jeremiah 27:9.... Ouija Boards/Contacting the Dead forbidden – Lev. 19:31; 2 Kings 21:6; Deut 18:10-12.... Acts 8:9-24.... Verses 9, 10, 11 – Idolatry & Superstition, Witch Craft, Magic & Sorcery.... Verses 12, 13, 14, 17 – Other Nations, The Conversion of The Gentiles, Gospel Carried to the Samaritans ..... Verses 15, 16 – God, Holy Spirit, Prayed For.... Verses 18, 19, 20 – God, Holy Spirit, Simony (Middle English Symonie, from Simon Magus, Samaritian sorcerer (Acts 8:9-24).... Verses 21, 22 – Man Redeemed, Repentance, Repentance A Duty.... Verse 23 – Fallen Man, Nature & Genesis of Sin, Sin Defined & Described.... Verse 24 – Duties to God, Intercession, Intercession Desired...... Scripture Reference used/taken from: Holy Bible Topical Reference Edition KJV. Crusade Bible Publishers, Inc., 1970. Mt. Juliet, Tennessee; 37122

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Paying The Price ... 10/14/2012

10/14/2012 Sunday School Lesson. Acts 7:51-60; 8:1a. Calling Out His Accusers – Acts 7:51-53 Stephen’s Vision – Acts 7:54-56 They Stone Stephen – Acts 7:57-60; 8:1a Acts 7:51-60; 8:1a Verse 51- God, Holy Spirit, Resisted Verse 52 – Jesus Christ, Christ’s Crucifixion, Christ’s Death Verse 53 – Angels, Offices of Good Angels, Announces God’s Law Verse 54 – Trials and Persecution, Kinds and Methods of Persecution, Bitter Hate Verses 55,56 – Jesus Christ, Christ’s Ascension: Christ in Heaven Verse 57 – Trials and Persecutions, Kinds and Methods of Persecution, Stoning to Death. The Outward Man, The Nature of The Body, The Ears Verse 58 – Trials and Persecutions, Kinds and Methods of Persecution, Stoning to Death Verse 59 – Jesus Christ, Christ’s Divinity, Christ Possesses the Attributes of God, Is An Object of Worship. Eschatology/Last Things, The Intermediate State, Retribution Begins, For The Good Verse 60 – Jesus Christ, Christ’s Divinity, Christ Possesses the Attributes of God, Is An Object of Worship. Duties to God, Externals of Prayer, Kneeling. Duties to God, Intercession, Intercession for Individuals. Trials and Persecutions, Conduct Under Persecution, Prayer for Persecutors Acts 8:1a – Trials and Persecutions, Kinds and Methods of Persecutions, Banishment

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Life is an Amazing Song - Book Review

“This book is about a finnish boy's life during the 1939-1945 war between Finland and Russia. ... I would recommend this book for women who are struggling with finances and raising their children. There is nothing like a mother's love. It is also a blessing to have loving grandparents who will help. John's mother did overcome her struggles, so mothers do not give up.... The way you face situations can make all the difference in the world.... Sometimes other people like your parents, teachers can see in you all that our Creator has made you to be. And these people can speak life and empower you to be all that you can be.... In 1942 John Raikkonen was in Oulu, Finland.... His family was jolted from sleep that morning around 3:00 a.m. to the shrillness of the horribly familiar air raids.... Even at the age of four, he remembered noticing everyone else was in their private world of fear.... There were plenty of hard times during the war. But there were good times as well. What John remembers most was a strong zest for life and an enthusiasm for the discovery of all things new.... The Finnish-Russian war (The Winter War) was fought between the years of 1939-1940. Their home was in the city of Hammeenlinna just north of Helsinki. His mom was home with his sister, Inga who was born one year after he was born. They lived in a small house next to the famous Hotel Aulanko with its national park and lookout tower. It was difficult for his mother to take care of her children with her busy schedule, so John was often with his grandparents.... The war had ravaged Finland and no one had the needed money or supplies to live because of the war. His father was stationed along the Karelian border where most of the heavy fighting took place. His mother was left alone with two small children and she had a difficult choice to make. His sister, Inga would stay with the mother in Hameenlinna and he would be sent to live with his grandparents on their farm north of Oulu.... It was later in life when he thought about growing up with his grandparents, that he came to the conclusion of having been born with the "golden spoon in his mouth." His grandparents, uncles and aunts were well off compared to his poor mother in Hameenlinna, who worked so hard to take care of his sister and Brother Kari, who was born in September. With his father being in the war and his mother working long hours, the money was tight. John worked at an early age during the summers.... Many things had been on his mind. The most disturbing was the possible separation of his Mother and Father once he would come from the service. The second unpleasant idea was going to a new school.... He would be in the third grade.... His class was studying the country of India, which he found very interesting. Geography was his favorite subject... It was the beginning of April. On the south side, where warm rays from the sun reached, the snow had began to melt. The ground was frozen solid... His mother had visited Helsinki twice meeting with his Father and lawyers. His Father insisted on divorce. His Mother didn't want the divorce, but gave in and the divorce was granted. His Father was suppose to send child support for the children, but he never did.... In 1952, Finland was ready for the Summer Olympics. Finland did receive a world-wide influx of athletes and visitors.... The world's first Miss Universe Pageant had been held in California and the first Miss Universe ever chosen, was from Finland. Her name was Miss Armi Kuusela..... In the summer of 1954, John had graduated from Lyseo, which was an advanced high school..... A hotel guest, a business man which was Mr. Schwab from Philadelphia, invited John at the age of seventeen to the United States. Mr. Schwab would arrange for his schooling and paying for his ticket to come to America..... It was a scary feeling for John to start a new school in a different country. It would be hard for him for his English was not very good... Life in America for John was wonderful and exciting. The people were friendly but it seemed as if everyone was in a rush somewhere.... Later the following summer, John returned back to Finland to fulfill his army duty in October.... It was in August when he journeyed to America aboard the SS US.... He attended Temple University, which was only three blocks away from the house, studying business and accounting. John enrolled in a class to learn how to fly airplanes. On his fifth lesson, Mr. Black the flight instructor asked him, "was he ready to fly?"... For one hour he flew around the airport and performed touch and go landings on the grass run way..... Late that summer John met his sweetheart. Paola Barboni who was born in Pescara, Italy. Paola and hiim hit it off immediately. It was like love at first sight. She was beautiful and he says she still is after fifty years of marriage. Six months later they were married. Now he ad to stop school and find work, and he was able to do so with some friends help. He became the Assistant Internal Auditor at The Benjamin Franklin Hotel in the inner city. They lived happily but very frugally... His son, John Claus was born nine months after his marriage. Two years later his daughter, Laila was born in Alexandria, Virginia where they lived at that time. Lewis Hotel School had brought him and his family to the Washington, D.C. area. He accepted a position at the famous Jockey Club. President Jack Kennedy was always escorted in through the back door. Everyone who was famous in D.C. to Hollywood considered Jockey Club as their club. After thre years with this famous restaurant, he began his Country Club Career... Over the years he became a Certified Country Club Manager, running some of the finest clubs in he United States... Him and his wife had another beautiful child, Claudia... At Rolling Green he met President Ford. He came to play golf in a large fund raising golf tournament. He shared his office with President Ford... In the fall of 1977 his Mother passed away. He was heartbroken... By 1980 John was burnt out from club management. Him and his wife purchased a closed up restaurant in Fairhaven, Massachusetts. They were featured in several newspaper articles, magazines, radio and TV interviews... While John was enjoying life, his sister Inga was diagnosed with incureable live cancer. Him and his wife visited her two weeks before her death in 1993... After twenty-three years they sold the Pasta House and moved to Charleston, South Carolina.... John says that he contributes everything in his life to a higher power, God. There were many people in their lives who helped them along to achieve what they did and what became of them, but he looks up to HIM as the giver/originator of it all.... As he learned in Finland, America is the land of opportunity... John (Juha) Raikkonen is the author of "Life is an Amazing Song."

Courage to Speak ... October 7, 2012

Our Sunday School Lesson is on Unit II. Who Understands Faith? Acts 6:8-15; 7:1-2a... Stephen was chosen to oversee food distribution to the widows of the community (Acts 6:1-6).... He was a Hellenists Jew - which means he made Greek his tongue, and adopted Greek ideas and practices (Acts 6:1; 9:29)..... Stephen was full of faith and of the Holy Spirit. He was spiritually gifted (I Corinthians 12:1-11). He was the first to do miracles who was not an apostle. He walked with God... Stephen was the first martyr and powerful evangelist/deacon.... Acts 6:8-15 ..... Verse 8 - Miracles, Miracles Considered, The Apostolic Miracles ..... Verses 9-13: Trials and Persecutions, Kinds and Methods of Persecution, False Accusations .... Verse 14 - The Hebrews, Jerusalem, Destruction by the Romans Foretold ..... Verse 15 - Angels, Good Angels, Men Compared With Angels .......................................................................................................... Acts 7:1-2a .............. Verse 1 - Trials and Persecutions, Kinds and Methods of Persecution, False Accusations .......... Verse 2a - The Hebrews, God's Chosen People ............... Scripture Reference used/taken from: Holy Bible Topical Reference Edition KJV. Crusade Bible Publishers, Inc., 1970. Mt. Juliet, Tennessee; USA; 37122

Having The Courage To Speak The Truth

Sandra Ford Walston is an Courage Expert, Speaker, Consultant, Corporate Trainer, Courage Coach and Author..... Her article link below is also featured in my Adult Sunday School Book in the Introduction..... ....... Our Sunday School Lesson for October 7, 2012 is coming from Acts 6:8-15; 7:1-2a. The lesson titled is Courage to Speak.

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52 Seconds - Words That Inspire: Book Review

Bernard's writing is very inspirational, positive and his book will make you thing on have a better attitude. Sharing some tips from his book: If you change the way you look at things, what you look at changes. A.I.M. Ambitious Inspired and Motivated Anyone with an aim; who is ready to go for his/her goals need be ambitious, inspired and motivated. What is your AIM? G.I.V.E. Generously Investing in Various Enterprise The act giving initiates the receiving process with the old adage, 'it's more blessed to give than receive.' Be a giver. M.U.M. Mothers: Unmatched Mentors Our first love, care, instructions and directions we receive comes from mothers and most often we learn and adapt to so many things from them unconsciously. God bless all mums. N.I.C.E. Neatly Install and Carefully Executed Isn't it lovely to have something nice, or to look nice? However let's not forget it may require some time and effort to neatly install and carefully executed it. Take time to be nice and look nice. A.R.T. Amazing Revealing Touch Everyone can be an artist, by simply adding a touch of beauty, excellence, care and love in every little thing we do - illuminating the life of others with our ART. L.O.L. Laugh Out Loud Learn to laugh out loud daily, let the kid in you enjoy life, for a "cheerful heart does good like a medicine" laugh at yourself - have some good laugh today. X. X. L. Xtra Xtra Length Many a time we do only what is required of us, not bothering to do anything extra, but it is the extra's that make the big difference, an extra hour. Those who achieve greatness in life, have gone beyond the limit, - go the extra mile. Bernard Kelvin Clive is the author of 52 Seconds "Simplified Motivation" WORDS TO INSPIRE.

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5 Love Languages

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Steadfast Love ... 9/30/12

9/30/12 Sunday School Lesson... Hebrews 13:1-3; I Corinthians 13:1-13... Family Love ...(Hebrews 13:1-3) Verse 1 - Man Redeemed, Duties and Graces of the New Life, Love to Christian Brethren Verse 2 - Civil and Social Life, Hospitality. Duties and Graces of The New Life, Christian Hospitality. Verse 3 - Man Redeemed, Duties and Graces of The New Life, Fellow-Feeling with Others Agape (I Corinthians 13:1-7) Verses 1-7: Man Redeemed, Duties and Graces of The New Life, Love to God and Man Agape Is All About God ( I Corinthians 13:8-13) Verses 8, 9, 10, 11, 13 - Man Redeemed, Duties and Graces of The New Life, Love To God and Man Verse 12 - Eschatology/Last Things, Heaven, The Blessedness of Heaven, Perfect Knowledge Scripture reference taken/used from: Holy Bible Topical Reference Edition KJV. Crusade Bible Publishers, Inc., 1970. Mt. Juliet, TN; USA; 37122

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Steadfast Thanks 9/23/12

September 23, 2012 Sunday School Lesson. What is Faith? Hebrews 12:18-29. Verse 18 - Man Redeemed, The New Covenant, The Covenant. Verses 20, 21, 23 - Eschatology/Last Things, Heaven, The New Jerusalem. Verse 22 - Eschatology/Last Things, Heaven, The New Jerusalem. Angels, Good Angels, Numbers Of. Verse 24 - Jesus Christ, Offices of Christ, Our Mediator. Verse 25 - Man Redeemed, Faith, Unbelief, Punishment. Verse 27 - Eschatology/Last Things, The Last Judgment.

Love Your Enemies 9/29/12

This Bible Reading is coming from my Sunday School Book for September 29, 2012. Luke 6:27-36. How we must love our enemies. Verses 27-28 - Trials and Persecutions, Conduct under Persecution, Prayer for Persecutors. Verse 30 - Trials and Persecutions, Kinds and Methods of Persecution Verses 32-35: Man Redeemed, Duties and Graces for the New Life, Returning Good for Evil. Scripture reference taken/used from: Holy Bible Topical Reference Edition KJV. Crusade Bible Publishers, Inc., 1970. Mt. Juliet, TN 37122.

Listening to the Spirit 9/18/12

This is coming from my Bible Reading in my Sunday School Book for September 18, 2012. Revelation 3:1-13. In verse 2 the angel of the church of Sardis is reproved. In verse 3 exhorted to repent, and threatened if he do not repent. In verse 8 the angel of the church of Philadelphia. Verse 6 - Scripture, Duty to Know and Obey Scripture, All the World to Hear. Verses 11, 12 - Eschatology/Last Things, Heaven, The New Jerusalem Scripture reference taken/used from: Holy Bible Topical Reference Edition KJV. Crusade Bible Publishers, Inc., 1970. Mt. Juliet, TN, USA; 37122

Listening to the Voice of Warning 9/17/12

This is coming from my Home Daily Bible Reading from my Sunday School Book. Ezekiel 33:1-9. Verse 1 - According to the duty of a watchman, in warning the people. Verse 1 - Scripture, Books and Authors, Speakers and Hearers (Ezekiel). Verses 2 -9 Sacred Persons and Offices, The Prophets, Their Office, Whatever May Be The Issue. Verse 7 - Ezekiel is admonished of his duty. Scripture reference taken/used from: Holy Bible Topical Reference Edition KJV. Crusade Bible Publishers, Inc., 1970. Mt. Juliet, TN; USA, 37122.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Steadfast Fortitude

Sunday School Lesson for 9/16/12. What is Faith? Hebrews 12:1-11. Fortitude is Courage. Hebrews was written to people who were being persecuted. Verse 1 - Man Redeemed, Duties and Graces of the New Life, Steadfastness Verse 4 - Trials and Tribulations, Under the New Economy, Expected Verse 5 - Works of God, God's Providence in Moral Discipline, Patient Endurance in Affliction. Scripture reference taken/used from: Holy Bible Topical Reference Edition KJV. Crusade Bible Publishers, Inc., 1970. Mt. Juliet, TN 37122.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Weathering the Storm 1 of 2

Sunday School Lesson for November 11, 2012. Where Does Faith Take Us? Acts 27:1-2, 33-44 Verse 1, 2 - Other Nations, The Conversion of the Gentiles, The Voyage to Italy, From Ceasarea to Sidon Verse 35 - Duties to God, Prayer, Objects of Prayer, Blessing upon Food: Grace Before Meal Verses 39, 40, 41 - Industrial Employments & Products, Ships & Navigation, Maneuvres in a Storm, Beaching the Ship

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Polish Yourself Shine Like a Diamond

Since the author began her research in 1989, she have seen trends come and go, the jobless rate rise and fall, and have spoken and worked with scores of business owners, company leaders, career counselors, teachers, professors and individuals. People like diamonds, have a basic market value, but it is only after they have been polished that the world will pay its real value. No matter what stage of your career you are in, you can improve. Like a brillant, sparkling diamond, you too can shine. Polish yourself and see the difference it can make in your relationships, your income, your potential, and the value you bring to everything you do. It is important to step back and evaluate yourself every now and then. Begin today! Susan Morem is the author of How to Gain the Professional Edge, 2nd Edition.

Finding and Following God's Will - Book Review

I read and reviewed this book in 2005. This book has twelve chapters, Bible Study and reflection questions for individual and group use. The author has an MBA in finance and a doctorate in educational leadership. The author teaches seminars on prayer, spirituality and finding meaning and purpose in life. Going Deeper Bible Study and Reflection Questions Chapter 3: What Can The Bible Tell Me Today? Key: The Bible is still our sovereign for discovering God's will. Learn to use tools for Bible Study such as Topical Bibles, Concordances, Chain References and Commentaries. Read the Bible in small pieces, giving yourself time to digest its messages. Chapter 5: Was That God or Just a Dream? Key: Test signs against Scripture and circumstances. Yet trust that God may be drawing you closer. Consider what the following verses tell us about being guided directly by God ... I Kings 19:11-13; John 16:13; John 14:16-17. Chapter 11: How Can I Plan If My Future is In God's Hands? Key: Living Within God's will means looking for God, listening for God, talking with God, all without ceasing. Consider memorizing Jeremiah 29:11 as a source of hope in uncertainty. "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." .... Jane A.G. Kise

Monday, September 10, 2012

Grace for Each Hour - Book Review

Six months of devotions designed to support, comfort, encourage, strength and reassure women when they need it. Comfort for Women Facing Breast Cancer. This book is not about breast cancer, nor how it is diagnosed or treatment options. You might want to read one devotion each day to comfort and sustain you throughout a typical six month breast cancer experience. The author is a five (5) year survival breast cancer survivor as of 2005. She leads a cancer cure ministry, serves as intercessor and mentor for women with breast cancer, consults and speaks. It wasn't until she was diagnosis with breast cancer in 1999 that the Lord won her heart. She received prayers in cards, letters, e-mails, and over the telephone. She's embarrassed to admit that her hair was the very first thought that came to mind when the possibility of cancer was discovered. Don't be discouraged and abandon your faith, no matter what happens or how long it takes. Ask God to put people you can trust to form such deep relationships in your path. They can help you become the warrior princess God planned all along. Be still, and know that I am God. The words scrolled slowly across her computer screen saver. Even before her relationship with the Lord became more intimate, she found comfort in those words.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

What is Faith? Steadfast Confidence 9/9/12

9/9/12 Sunday School Lesson

Hebrews 11:1-3, 6; Psalm/Tehillim 46:1-3, 8-11 ..

Faith is believing.  Believing in God.  Believe in HIS Written Word.  Believe even if you do not see the way being made.

Psalm/Tehillim 46:1,2,3 there are promises there as well.  God Preserves and protects man as well.  In this scripture man means woman, girl and boy. 

Friday, September 7, 2012

Parrot Dial - Cheap International Calling

Parrot Dial is the Future of Communications, the latest revolution in communication technology, changing the way individuals and companies communicate and do business.

Contact my former Dr. for more information.  Dr. Obi, ...

Parrot Dial - Cheap International Calling

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Everything the Bible Says About Prayer - Book Review

Pray with Humility:

If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin.  (II Chronicles 7:14 NIV)

Seek God's guidance in prayer at all of life's crossroads.

Be patient in trouble, and keep on praying.  (Romans 12:12 NLT)

Be humble under God's powerful hand so he will lift you up when the right time comes.  Give all your worries to him, because he cares about you.  (I Peter 5:6-7 NCV)

The prayer of Jabez for a fruitful life:

Jabez cried out to the God of Israel, "Oh that you would bless me and enlarge my territory!  Let your hand be with me, and keep me from harm so that I will be free from pain."  And God granted his request.  (I Chronicles 4:10 NIV)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

National Black Chamber of Commerce - 2012

National Black Chamber of Commerce - 2012 National Black Chamber of Commerce

PanAfrican Entrepreneurs Conference - 2012

The Globalization of the Black Entrepreneur - 2012

PanAfrican Entrepreneurs Conference

Start-up Guide for the Black Entrepreneur - Book Review

Work smart.  Specialize.  Stick with your plan.

Information to help you succeed.

This book is a treasure. 

The author shares that many people that he talks with tells him that they should have read this book five years ago.

Entrepreneurialism involves risk and effort.

The home-business boom is quietly coming.

When it comes to selling your services and products, the only color that should matter is green.

He shares he's been there, he knows the issues and struggles.  He's been asked from time to time with his credentials, why don't he work for a large company where there is stability and longevity and where he knows where his next paycheck is just a week away?  He shares there is no such thing as corporate longevity and security anymore.

No two businesses are ever exactly the same.  Your success will be the work of your smart work.

Get informed, get organized, and as Martin Lawrence would say, "Gits to steppin!"  Arsenio Hall used to say "Let's get busy!"

Bill Boudreaux is the author.  He has a B.S. in Accounting and a Masters of Business Administration and is a CPA.

He has worked with small minority businesses for more than twenty years.  At 25, he became the treasurer of an international marine transportation firm.  He has an ongoing relationship with an information technology firm that develops software solutions to track marine vessels in the inland waterway system.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Saturday, August 25, 2012

"Justice Promised" - Meeting Our Deepest Need

8/26/12 Sunday School Lesson

Ezekiel/Yechezk'el 34:23-31

God called Ezekiel to be a prophet.  He saw the people's sin and judgement.

There are promises in verses 25 - 29.

We know Ezekiel as being a watchman, valley of dry bones and vision of the temple.

Friday, August 17, 2012

"Justice Promised" - The Just Leader

8/19/12 Sunday School Lesson

Jeremiah/Yirmeyahu 23:1-8; 33:14-18

Misrule and lies pronounced in God's name will not go unpunished.

An idea king will rule.

Bad Shepherds - Good Shepherds (Jeremiah 23:1-6)

The Just Leader (Jeremiah 33:14-18)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Confronting Jezebel - Book Review

Jezebel Spirit or Control Freak?

Not all control freaks, however, are Jezebels.

True Jezebel controllers, however, are out to destroy.

Keep in mind that Satan always attempts to counterfeit the work of God.

Jezebel Hates the Prophetic -

In the Old Testament, no one rose up to oppose Queen Jezebel except the prophet Elijah.  Jezebel was Elijah archenemy.

It is not fair to identify one or two traits in someone and determine based on those that the person is dealing with a Jezebel spirit.

She Gets What She Wants -

Queen Jezebel got what she wanted, and Ahab willingly gave it to her.  The clear battle with the Jezebel principality desires to rule and control the people of God.

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The Author is Steve Sampson.  He has written eight books about the Christian walk.  He has three adult children and lives in Birmingham, Alabama.

I was given a complimentary copy of this book from Chosen Books.