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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sell An Idea .. Metaphorically Selling in Business/Sales .. Book Review (2005)

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I am most thankful that Ms. Anne Miller sent me her book "Metaphorically Selling" in 2005 when I was the Business Coach Host - Editor - Writer.

Anne is the founder of Chiron Associates Inc., a widely respected sales and presentation speaker, executive coach, seminar leader, consultant and author. She assists high profile Fortune 1000 companies in media, financial services and business sectors, including Yahoo! and over 100 consumer magazines. She sells products and services worth millions of dollars. She has appeared on CNNfn and Bloomberg News Radio.

Billions of dollars are left on the table and hundreds of ideas fail to get off the ground every day because of the over-communicated society in which we live.

This book will guide the reader step-by-step through the process of incorporating metaphors into sales pitches, presentations and speeches, including exercises and tips to cultivate and sustain a competitive edge using metaphors.
Packed with more than 250 examples from business, media, and even the deserts of Morocco, the small business owner to the corporate executive - to lead their listeners to "yes" by becoming a "Metaphorian" -- a master of metaphor.
In 1980, Lee Iacocca went to Congress to get $1.2 billion in loan guarantees for the then failing Chrysler Corporation. HE argued, quite successfully. Chrysler's problems were America's problems; Chrysler's bankruptcy would be America's loss.

Iacocca got his money.

Iacocca's one small phrase won him $1.2 billion dollars.

Lee Iacocca understood the power of metaphors, visual words that conjure an image in the listener's mind and unleash a torrent of associations.

That is the power of speaking metaphorically. You can change minds.

In Anne's 20 years of teaching sales and presentation seminars, one key factor that she see repeatedly sets sellers apart from their competition is their choice of words. It is not enough to present; you must communicate.

Metaphors help a client see possibilities he didn't see before and they help him make the best decision.

In Section one you'll learn that the brain actually craves the visual and the emotional; that you must appeal to both the left and the right side's of your client's brain to make a sale.

What Do You Sell?

Words Matter.

It's not the presenters aren't prepared: they know their material, they've worked up a slick PowerPoint presentation, they've got excellent hand-outs. But their verbal skills and/or approach to communication cost them their audience.
They confuse information with communication.

A Metaphor is simply a way of communication.

Information + Metaphors = "I see what you mean!"

Sometimes a metaphor will fail because it isn't given enough explanation to succeed.

Her goal is to get you to see the possibilities of what you may be missing. You're going to see all the ways a presentation can increase your selling power and bring you more business.

It's like a stained-glass window, you have to step back to get the full effect.

Friday, May 10, 2013

It Takes A Community of Resources ... 2005

120x60 Marketing Evaluation

Book Review . Business . Inspiration . Self-Improvement . Business Coach . Mentor . Writer . Editor . Host

I reviewed this book in 2005 while being the Business Coach Editor/Host/Writer for a website and I broke my review down to I believe three reviews from this book.

I am sharing from Chapter 9 of "Her Corner Office" by Trudy Bourgeois.

The more diverse the resources, the richer the information and experience you'll gather.

Listing of resources for your consideration:

The local library


The Internet

120x60 Logo

A buddy to brainstorm with

Your Church


You might be considering setting up a personal board of directors. A personal board of directors is a group of people that you have selected to be your advisors. This team of people should be carefully selected, based upon their character, values, principles and experience.

Anther option is to form ra Mastermind Group. Mastermind Groups are composed of people who want to learn from each other. These groups can be as six people, or as large as twenty people.

Develop a list of potential books to review, topics to cover, and issues that might be of interest.

You will need a good mentor. A mentor can play a key role in your ongoing learning and development.

You can get most out of your relationship with your mentor by: learning to listen, setting an agenda, don't think that a coach or mentor has all the answers and expect good things to come out of the relationship.

In the last five years many corporations have chosen to support their staff by using an outside coach.

Potential results of using a coach: Increased knowledge, strategic-planning skill development, self-marketing and creating powerful connections.

Coaching sessions are kept confidential.

I do believe that Ms. Bourgeois publicists contacted me to review this book in 2005.

Trudy Bourgeois, a former corporate sales and marketing executive, is founder and president of The Bourgeois. With over 20 years experience, Trudy understands what is needed to inspire employees, create workable strategies and improve employee performance.