Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Secrets of Health ... Book Review

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I reviewed this book between 2008 and 2010.

Many secrets of living are hidden in food. The mixture and balance must first be reviewed. Some fruit and some vegetables, milk and some meat. Eat enough to live well, but don't live just to eat. There's wisdom which simply says than "an apple a day keeps the doctor away."
To sum it all up, is it very complex? No, not that difficult - let's review the secrets:

1. Look out for yourself, you're the one who should care.

2. Smoking is out, breathe only clean air.

3. Seat belts saves lives, buckle up.

4. Steer clear of whiskey, beer, vodka, wine, gin.

5. Eat the right food groups, go easy on sweets.

6. Say no to drugs.

Next, to exercise one hour a day is good health.

Treat others as kindly as you treat yourself.

Last, save sex for one "life companion and mate" don't gamble away your health or life make it great!

Miracle treatment adds 7 years to life. This amazing health discovery was reported in Demography magazine in 1999.

The research concluded that people who attend religious services once a week lived an average 7 years longer than non-attenders, in a National Health interview survey. Incredibly, in blacks the difference was nearly fourteen years. The researchers credited the attenders lower rates of smoking and few negative lifestyle habits for half of the difference.

Along the same line, another study has shown that couples who attend church together weekly reduce their risk of divorce from 50 percent to 10 percent. In other words, weekly worship of God is associated with a 90 percent marriage success rate. These two suggest that an active spiritual life is a key ingredient in a healthy individual and family life. The age-old wisdom of the church continues to offer evidence of its important role as not only a life-preserver, but also as a marriage-preserver.

Dr. Richard French had an idea, he decided to write a book that families could use as a tool to teach their children how to live a healthy life.

The Secrets of Good Health, which give peace of minds. Most children can learn them quite effortlessly. But keeping and doing them daily through life takes will power (discipline), to avoid needless strife.

Doctor Richard has studied for dozens of years, through testing and trials, through laughter and tears.

There's a number of things that he's learned about, and he'd like to relate to you what he's found out.

Is there some magic to give us Good Health? Pills, potions, or anything else? The secret to good health might be in a book, locked away, hid in some library nook.

Explorers have searced for a fountain of youth; scientists probe for disease-solving truth.

Good health is a gift, more precious than gold, we may not appreciate until we are older. A gift only we can give to ourselves. It does not come from wizards or fairies or elves.

The body you live in is a clever machine, it needs proper service like a limousine. Yet with reasonable care it can give you eighty plus years.

Bones, they're the frame of the house that we live in. Pound for pound, strong as steel. Without them we're jelly, but with ligaments, we can stand up and move. Two hundred seventy bones, we have as a child, add muscles and tendons, we can crawl, walk, run wild!

We wouldn't move far if it weren't for the nerves, traveling thousands of miles through the body they serve. Sensing pressure, position, and balance and pain, all wired together, like a switchboard to the brain.

That mega-computer inside of your skill senses touch, taste and smell - hot/cold sharp or dull. It registers hearing, it images sight; it processes language to speak, read or write.

It orchestrates movement, each eyelid or lip, with split-secound messages, you dance, swim, or skiep, play basketball, volleyball, or play violin. Mind-boggling-circui try-just to pick a pin!

Yet the largest organ enfolds all the skin. It keeps out infection and keep insides in. And a spectrum of colors add much to the views: browns, yellows, tans, bronze in multiple hues.

The blood is the lifeline, it flows to each cell with food, water, oxygen essentials for health.

I was sent a review copy of this book I think by Dr. French.

Dr. Richard French is the author of Secrets of Health. He is the President of the Mary Lanning Memorial Hospital Medical Staff for more than two years.

He is also the Chairman of the Executive Committee, he has been an effective liason between the Medical Staff and the hospital's Board of Trustees and Executive Officers.